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true life: people like my hair more than they like me

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Disney Thoughts:

Lessons the Disney Princesses teach us that don’t involve men, love, or beauty.

I made this post because I am tired of seeing people bash the princesses because they only serve as love interests and think that they show women that a woman’s purpose is to be submissive to men, or that beauty is the only thing that matters in a woman.

All of the Princesses had personalities and lives without their Princes, and on their own, they are able to teach girls several other important lessons about life in general. These are all characters, and whether or not you believe that because they are love interests that that reduces their character, they still have some sort of trait that is valuable to have for any woman, in love or not. 

And before anyone can argue Ariel’s character or lesson, I want to point out that her dream was to be a human, and it was her dream long before she laid eyes on Eric. Eric was just an another incentive for her to become human. While the lesson she teaches might be the only one based on rash and poor decisions, it’s important to point out she learns her own lesson. She see the consequences of her actions, and apologizes and fights to make things right. That is one of her valuable traits.

Let’s Get Down to Business

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"I act and react, and suddenly I wonder “Where is the girl that I was last year?..Two years ago?..What would she think of me now?"

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Ariana Page Russell - Skin

About the series:

"Artist Ariana Page Russell was, born with a skin condition called Dermatographia, any light scratch will raise her skin into rosy welts which last for about 30 minutes. She explains dermatographia as:

A condition in which one’s immune system releases excessive amounts of histamine, causing capillaries to dilate and welts to appear (lasting about thirty minutes) when the hypersensitive skin’s surface is lightly scratched. This allows me to painlessly draw on my skin with just enough time to photograph the results. Even though I can direct this ephemeral response by drawing on it, the reaction is involuntary, much like the uncontrollable nature of a blush.

The photographs from her series Skin capture her body covered in beautiful temporary designs of her own creation. She writes words, creates patterns with floral flourishes and points, and even connects her freckles like stars in a body based constellation.”

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I think I fall a little in love with people when I catch them in small moments, when they think no one’s looking at them, when they absently twirl a strand of hair between their fingers, when they lick their thumb to turn a page in a book. There’s something beautiful about a person who is lost in a thought, or adjusting their shirt, or is scratching a phantom itch on their arm, or even someone who is looking at someone else like I am looking at them.

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